Initiation & Initiation Renewal

When a devotee comes before their God-given Guru for Initiation, time stands still. All else falls away and the soul receives deeply of the sacred blessing of Initiation.

The dross is cleansed, the spirit purified and anointed by the unconditional love of the Guru. There is no greater blessing than that bestowed by our GURU in Initiation. We are filled and blessed by the immense Love and Light GOD~GURU have for us.

Our Guru Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma and the Masters rejoice when we come forward for Initiation or to renew our vows. Through our promise and the Divine Blessing of Initiation, GOD~GURU are able to help us even more. Initiation and Initiation Renewal ceremonies are for Kriyabans who want to sanctify their promise to their Higher Selves ~ God ~ Guru. This relationship between a Devotee and their Guru is truly made in the heavens, for all time.

Leading up to Initiation, the beautiful spiritual energies gather wherever Initiation is to be held and in the hearts and spirits of all who are preparing themselves for Initiation and Initiation Renewal.

Our Gurudeva, Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma, wanting to make Initiation available to all Kriyabans who are ready, has given her blessing for Initiation and Initiation Renewal ceremonies to take place at various SevaLight Centres, venues and times throughout the world. Wherever we gather for Initiation, there our Guru will be.

Places To Receive Initiation and Initiation Renewal Around The World.

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