Mahasamadhi Celebration of


Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji


To all Worldwide devotees of GOD~GURU,

 We lovingly inform you of our Beloved Gurudeva’s passing from this earth plane ~ into the Light of God.

Mata Yoganandaji has always said “When I pass I will be with you even more”.  

Know that we are loved and that Gurudeva “Will be with us till the end of time” as promised.

In celebration of all that we receive from our Divine Master Guru, we held a Worldwide Satsanga via Zoom on Saturday 10th / Sunday 11th October 2020.

The Satsanga was a deeply joyful and blessed occasion ~ and was recorded for everyone to see and celebrate with us.


In Divine Service,

Sevalight Family’s Worldwide 

If you would like to download this video, please contact us and we will send you the video file to you by email.

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Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma is the Patron and Founder of the Self Realization Sevalight Centres for Pure Meditation, Healing & Counselling Worldwide ~ and the Patron of the Self Realization Sevalight Associates Worldwide.

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