Pure Meditation

Pure Meditation is a Gift.

It is a gift in that it asks nothing of you, yet, can bring to you that which you truly need ~ Self-Realization.

What is Self-Realization? It is knowing whom you truly are, at the deepest level. It is the realization that we are all of Unconditional Love with a Divine Peace at our core. How do we find true Self Realization? Pure Meditation is your key to the door. In truth, we are all on our path to Self-Realization. A time comes though, when we need spiritual food to sustain and help us on this path and journey, to our own Self Realization. Our Higher Wisdom knows when this time is right and if we trust our intuition, we will be guided to that which we need. It is so important that we look within, to see and feel what we need, to open ourselves to all that is on offer for us.

To be in the flow of life is a phrase often used and heard. Truly being in the flow of life, means using our intuitive wisdom to make the choices that are right for us, in each moment of our lives. It does not mean the challenges in life go away or don’t exist. These challenges are part of our journey to knowing ourselves – to Self-Realization. Pure Meditation will attune you with your intuition – your Higher Wisdom. It will enhance your life beyond compare, because this spiritual food will feed you at the deepest level, bringing forth the unconditional love, the peace and the inner joy that is truly within us. We are all individuals and we are also part of the oneness in all of Life. We all have a responsibility to ourselves and others to Life.

Life is energy~Light.

Pure Meditation helps us to be more of Light, to radiate more Light within ourselves and to others. It helps us bring more Light into the world, to humankind, to Mother Earth and all the life she supports. This is the simplest yet most profound way we can fulfill our responsibility to ourselves and all of Life.

It is Pure, it is Bliss, it is Love , it is Peace. It brings wisdom and in time will satisfy all your needs. Do not deny yourself this gift.

Pure Meditation will bring you Self Realization. It will bring you home ~ to GOD.

Pure Meditation Courses Around the World

Pure Meditation is our path to Self-Realization, brought to us by a true Master ? Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma. To enable people from all around the world to receive this in-depth meditation and spiritual teachings, Mata Yoganandaji has given the blessing for Pure Meditation to be taught by trained teachers worldwide with her loving guidance.

Pure Meditation Courses are held throughout the year at all the SevaLight Retreat Centres. Pure Meditation teachers are also available to teach Courses in other venues and countries. Do ask if you and/or a group are wanting to receive these profound teachings so we can help you receive this precious gift.

Where to Learn Pure Meditation Around the World

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Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma is the Patron and Founder of the SevaLight Retreat Centres for Self-Realization Pure Meditation Healing & Counselling Worldwide ~ and the Patron of the SevaLight Associates Worldwide.

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