Book Fund Appeal

We need your help to raise the funds needed for the printing and distribution of Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji’s special and important books ~ to make them available to all around the world.

 November 10th Update!
We joyfully wish to share with you all the exciting news that we have reached our initial fundraising goal of $45,000 !

  ♥  ♥   We are so deeply grateful for the generous support we have received ~ and for keeping these blessed projects in your prayers.   ♥  ♥

As you may know, the three books ~ Come, Gods in the Making, and The Truth Eternal ~ that we have been raising these funds for are in production ~ and God Willing will be distributed around the world in the New Year.

Now we are onto the remaining publications and projects to complete the new editions for all of Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji’s works, as well as the third Sevalight Magazine, and new Pendants! ~ plus distribution of these all around the world.

For this next phase, we have estimated a need of a further $23,000 NZD, and therefore have raised our goal to $68,000 NZD ~ and once again reach out to you to ask for your loving help and your prayers in this very important work.

♥ Thank you for your support ♥

$53,565 of $68,000 raised
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Never more than now have the writings of Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma been needed to help us to remain balanced and centred amidst the challenges of daily life. Mata Yoganandaji’s teachings are the ancient Spiritual Science in practical, modern form and are relevant to anyone in any walk of life – helping so much to bring peace and positivity to all life’s situations.

Donations will go towards publication of Gurudeva’s books, some of which are in production now. Your donation will also go towards the distribution of the books around the world, and to the translation into other languages ~ so the words of a spiritual Master can be brought to all parts of the world.

The words of Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji bring to us the Divine Truths in a down to earth way ~ easily practicable and relevant context to our daily lives. They can help us so much to improve our life and to speed us along our spiritual path. So many people are now looking for these liberating Truths, so this is a very important project. 

♥  Thank you from our hearts for your donation ~ your contribution is humbly appreciated and deeply blessed  ♥

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